Prof Abhijit Mukherjee, Geology & Geophysics, IIT Kharagpur 

Hydrogeology at IIT Kharagpur

Groundwater exploration, management and remediation

With increasing demand from population growth, irrigated crop production, and more recently, biofuel production, the Indian subcontinent is particularly susceptible to unavailability of sustainable water sources, affected both by quality and quantity. In our group regularly get involved in applied studies that integrate hydrogeological and geophysical techniques to explore groundwater resources and flow paths, suggest management strategies and examine remediation options (e.g. development of filters for natural contaminants).

Current Ph.D. Student:

Ashis Biswas, KTH Sweden

Amit Kundu, Kalyani University


Project examples


a) Investigation of mine seepage: ONGOING

b) Exploration of groundwater availability in the bedrock aquifers of West Bengal: ONGOING

c) Development of As filters for drinking water

d) Evaluating extent and control of As-free aquifers in Bengal: ONGOING

Effect of deep groundwater abstraction in Western Bengal Basin, Hydrostratigraphic model of Western Bengal Basin

Groundwater discharge in Western Canada Sedimentary basin

Study of groundwater seepage in crystalline aquifers



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