Prof Abhijit Mukherjee, Geology & Geophysics, IIT Kharagpur 

Hydrogeology at IIT Kharagpur

Research Scholars

Ashok Shaw

Email :

Research Area : Basin Analysis: Basin Morphometry and Evolution of a part of the central Gangetic Plain

Avishek Dutta

Email :

Research Area : Geo-microbiology of Deep Subsurface of Granitic Basaltic System of Koyna-Warna Region

Kousik Das

Email :

Research Area : Impact of climate change on coastal groundwater system of Bay of Bengal

Madhumita Chakraborty

Email :

Research Area : Regional hydrostartigraphic and hydrofacies delineation of the Gangetic delta basin, India and Bangladesh: Implications to arsenic enrichment in Bengal basin groundwater.

Mahender Singh Rajpurohit

Email :

Research Area : Groundwater evolution of large sedimentary basins

Palash Debnath

Email : palashdeb.d at

Research Area : Interaction of groundwater with sea water More info:

Website :

Pragnaditya Malakar

Email :

Research Area : application of Artificial Intelligence on groundwater

Prerona Das

Email :

Research Area : Groundwater Evolution in a Central Gangetic Aquifer System and its interaction with river Ganges in Varanasi

Rishi Karan Singh rathour

Email :

Research Area : Synthesis and Characterisation of Graphitic nano-material and its application for wastewater treatment

Soumendra Bhanja

Email : soumendrabhanja at

Research Area : Groundwater recharge in parts of Indian subcontinent: controls of climate, vegetation and land-use

Website :

Srimanti Dutta Gupta

Email :

Research Area : Organic Pollution in Natural Waters of Western Bengal basin, India

Swati Verma

Email : swati.geo09 at

Research Area : Arsenic fate and transport in aquifers in parts of Himalayan foreland.


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